Internal Combustion named.jpg

Alex Wagman's bronze sculptures reflect his interest in both the realistic representation of human beings, and in the presentation of human emotions. The sculptures embody the  postures of beggars, the playful fun of jesters, and the human drama of aging and mortality. In the implied narratives are the pathos, humor, and absurdity that are all part of life.

The artist works in open-ended series that focus on specific aspects of human behavior. In the work, the unraveling of the psyche is seen as literally breaching the heads of figures and hands and faces gesture defianly toward the viewer. Some works incorporate a satiric response to today's political climate.

These sculptures meant to speak directly to the viewer, evoking experiences that are familiar to all of us. The work is meant to be accessible, striking a balance between sculptural form and the essence of the human condition. In addition to aesthetic pleasure, the intent is to move and impact the imagination and feelings of the viewer.

The artist makes his own molds  and refines the resulting wax impressions. He works directly with the foundry during the bronze casting and personally develops the patinas that complete the work.